Drive System

This is for motor drives. This is an unregulated power system.

I have a 120/240 to 12/24 750VA isolation transformer rated for 600V. This means I can put this on top or below other. This would let me use 6A of wall power to 60A of 12VAC power. After rectification this leads to abou 16V. Alternatively, this could be wired to give 30A at 32V. This does not have any form of regulation, so this will generate some torque ripple, but this is how standalone VFDs do it, but usually with 3 phase power and at line voltage.

This lets me drive multiple stepper motors or try to use high amperage automotive 12V power motors as servos.

68A Rectifier, surge to 400A

This is also a true isolation transformer, so is safe from possible connection to line voltage. I do need fuses. I'm considering automotive audio circuit breakers for the secondary side.

Cheap 3A 35V stepper assembled
Low Cost 50V 4A stepper kit

I'm looking at using a dsPIC with QEI attachedto a VNH3 motor shield to make a DC servo motor.

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