Linear Motor

Linear motors can be made in many ways. I'm interested in two.

Sawyer Motor:
This is basically a "rolled out" stepper motor. Conventionally, Coils and teeth exist on the moving head and the bed it travels over is usually etched with passive steel teeth. 2D planar arrangements exist where the teeth now become a grid of pegs. 1D arrangements can roll on bearings or use air bearings, 2D usually need air bearings.

Example w/ bearing support
Example of a 2D setup with air bearings

Northern Magnetics made some, as did Baldor. These are two names to search for in the surplus market, along with "forcer".

Linear Brushless Servo Motor:
Often this is a U shaped track of magnets with a coil forcer moving through the middle. More recently, Bechhoff developed a series of linear movers that utilize a passive shuttle. In theory, this keeps all electronics (especially power electronics) stationary. It also makes it easier to implement continuous tracks and multi shuttle systems.

I'm curious about making a stationary coil system with integrated positioning (capacitive?) that is a single fully integrated PCB module.

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